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  • NUDE SENSUAL MASSAGE: This treatment deliver a more special sensual  massage, by using essential techniques by special touch, using hand movements, and subtle finger touch, in the most desirable places. Experience the heightened pleasure of having a full body experience that makes every part of your body tingle, with pleasure… with amazing Liingam Massage

PRICES - 1/2h - £60 , 1h - £80  , 1,5h - £120 , 2h - £140

  • NUDE BODY TO BODY MASSAGE:  This is my no 1 specialist service that I am best known for.  I will perform the most erotic chilling body to body thrusting and teasing in hot oil over your body, stimulating you with my whole body  that gives the most intense sensations and can lead to multiple long lasting erotic chilling tingles from the body2body and sensual massage using the whole body on you while you relax completely.  An unforgettable experience... with amazing Lingam Massage.

PRICES - 1/2h - £70 , 1h - £90  , 1,5h - £130 , 2h - £150

  • NUDE NURU MASSAGE: A very sensational experience is waiting for you!  I also specialise in Nuru Massages with a very slippery gel, it open up your senses to and extraordinary erotic massage!  An experience never to be forgotten, after taking a assisted shower with me , I will use my naked body to relax you and sensually stimulate, your entire body!  I will relax all your muscles, which helps to melt the stress away, the tight muscles in your body will get dissolved, and makes you feel like your in heaven!
( On professional PU sheet using Nuru Gel with an amazing finishing - Lingam Massage )

PRICES - 1/2h - £80 , 1h - £130 , 1,5h - £170 , 2h - £220 

  • EXTRA !

This is not a sex service and I offer only what is described above.